Understand Supplier Bids


For best-in-class procurement teams, it’s not enough to compare supplier bids to each other. To get a full picture of your potential freight spend, you need to compare the bids to the market.

Tender Benchmarks

If you’re going through the tender process, our analysts will work with you to get your bids into the Xeneta platform. The simplest way to hand off your rates to our team is through our data upload page:

Upload Prices in Xeneta

Once your rates are uploaded, our Rate Management Team will work with you to help you understand how your bids compare to the market.

Xeneta offers two solutions to analyzing your bids:

  • The Tender Benchmark — an Excel report populated with Xeneta market data side by side with your bids for each supplier.

  • Sub-companies for Bids — Xeneta will create sub-companies for each of your suppliers and populate them with your bids. You will then be able to use the Xeneta platform to visually compare the bids to the market and to your existing contracted rates.

Talk to your Customer Success Manager to find out which solution is best for your organization.