Off-Tender Requests


Every organization has a different approach to tenders β€” some tender frequently, others only once a year. However, if your freight needs change outside of the usual tender period, it may be cumbersome or expensive for your organization to begin making price requests for additional trade lanes that were not in scope in the previous tender.

With Xeneta, you can instantly find spot prices for any trade lane globally β€” without going through a back-and-forth with potential suppliers. This is valuable as it saves time internally as well as with your suppliers β€” especially in cases where it’s not yet known whether you will end up booking volumes on the requested rates.

Searching for Spot Rates

You can use Xeneta’s location search feature to instantly find a spot rate for any trade lane or trade corridor worldwide.

Port-to-Port Spot Rates

As an example, we’ll take a look at the spot price for the Shanghai to Hamburg trade lane on October 13, 2020.

View example in Xeneta

We can instantly see where the market stands by finding an average price for the trade lane. We avoid the process of asking for prices and this number can now be used as a baseline when negotiating with suppliers.

Regional Spot Rates

We can also take a broader look at the price of shipping freight between regions. For this example, we’ll focus on the price of shipping between the regions that Xeneta defines as China East Main and Northern Europe Main.

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The regional average price is slightly higher than the one in the previous example, but still shows a clear picture of the sort of prices you should expect.