Use Xeneta year-round to keep track of developing market situations and stay informed ahead of your tenders.

Identify market disruptions
Use Xeneta to identify trends in the market.
Off-tender requests
Get spot quotes to avoid overpaying.


Use Xeneta’s global market data to find current and historical prices for trade lanes relevant to you.

Understand your market position
Find outliers and opportunities.
Measure supplier performance
See how each of your suppliers perform year over year.
Benchmarking against peers
See how you compare to peers in your industry.
Contract duration consideration
Explore gain and loss scenarios on your chosen strategy.

Budget and Plan

Compare your uploaded spend to the global ocean freight market to find cost saving opportunities.

Set budget expectations
Prepare for budget increases or reductions and align expectations.
Spot opportunities
Find opportunities for next year and evaluate lost opportunities.


Leverage Xeneta’s benchmarking features to determine the optimal suppliers for your freight.

Set tender targets
Plan relevant and accurate targets, and gain leverage ahead of negotiations.
Understand supplier bids
Within the context of the market, spot supplier opportunities.