The port-to-port search allows you to find today’s rate for the majority of port-to-port combinations in the world across a variety of container types.


The port-to-port search bar can be found on the dashboard and at the top of any graphs pages.

The port-to-port search with a result.

Simply enter an origin port and a destination port, select your preferred container type, and click Search.

Search Results

The results of a port-to-port search will return a market rate for shipping your selected container type between your chosen locations based on the rate data available to Xeneta.

Search results include the spot rate, the price change since a week ago, the applied THC methodology, and a link to the Trends graph associated with the ports in the search.

Xeneta can return a number of results based on the availability of rate data for a particular port-port pair. The results fall into the following categories:

Contracted Rate

A contracted rate is an aggregated rate that meets Xeneta’s data quality rule of at least 5 sources being available across 2 providers. It is the most accurate rate that Xeneta can provide.

A contracted rate.

Regional Rate

A regional rate is an aggregated rate that did not meet exact port-to-port search specifications because of a lack of rate data between the two ports.

A regional rate.

To create a regional rate, Xeneta increases the scope of the search to include ports near to the selected ports. Once enough nearby ports are found, their data is aggregated together to form a rate that — while not as precise as a contracted rate — still informs you about the general rate of shipping goods in the region.

Regional rates vary in precision based on how much the data scope was increased to create the regional rate. See this article for more information.

Estimated Rate

An estimated rates is a computed approximations of what a freight rate might be for a lane lacking contracted rate data. Estimated rates are not available for all trade lanes and are shown only when Xeneta has confidence that an estimated rate meets a certain level of accuracy.

An estimated rate.
See this article for more information on estimated rates.

You can follow any trade lane whose trends you wish to keep an eye on from the search results.

Dashboard — Following a Trade Lane

Followed lanes are added to the bottom of the dashboard and show their current price as well as changes in the price since the week before.

Dashboard — Followed Market Trends

Geo-Selector Tool

The geo-selector tool helps you visually navigate ports and their respective regions. It can be opened by clicking on the globe icon on the search bar.

Search — Geo-Selector Tool

Next Steps

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