My Prices

The My Prices page organizes your uploaded freight rates into a number of categories to help you understand your prices across the market.


The My Prices page lists every rate you’ve uploaded into Xeneta. It contains a number of filters — including origin, destination, supplier, and container type — to help you find the rates relevant to you.

The My Prices page.
My Prices functionality is only available if you’ve uploaded your freight rates into Xeneta.

Price Overview

Xeneta can provide you with an overview of your prices organized into the following categories:

  • Corridors
  • Origins
  • Destinations
  • Suppliers
  • Container types

You can select these categories using the tab navigation at the top of the My Prices page.

Price Overview categories.

Once you select a category, your prices will be grouped to reflect your selection. For example, the image below shows prices grouped by destination regions.

Price overview grouped by destination.

Clicking on a row in the Price Overview page will take you to the All Prices tab, which will use your selected row as a filter for your prices.

All Prices

The All Prices tab shows your port-to-port prices, as well the associated supplier and the container type. It also shows how your prices compare to the day’s rate for that trade lane in both dollar value and percent.

Price Details

Clicking on a row on the All Prices tab will open up a dialog that provides additional details about your port-to-port freight rate. The bottom of the dialog contains the Open Trade Lane Graph button, which will take you to the Benchmarks graphs for the selected trade lane with all associated filters pre-set.

Price details dialog.

Next Steps

Next we’ll take a look at how your freight spend is organized.

Spend Overview