Graphs are a tool for visualizing your freight rates in relation to the market and your own suppliers.


Xeneta provides three types of graphs to help you understand your rates:

All graphs in Xeneta have a number of filters to help you narrow the scope of the rates you’re viewing, including filters for date range, container type, contract duration, and terminal handling charges (THC).

Graphs can be reached from the port-to-port search, the Market Trends page, the My Prices page, and the Spend Overview.

Benchmarks Graph

The Benchmarks graph helps you compare the rates you pay for your freight suppliers against the market at large across specific trade lanes or regions. Once you’ve uploaded your rates, you’ll be able to see them plotted against the market benchmarks provided by Xeneta.

The Benchmarks graph.
The Benchmarks graph functionality is only available if you’ve uploaded your freight rates into Xeneta. You can upload prices by visiting the Upload Prices page.

The Trends graph helps you visualize the movement of market prices on a trade lane — for both short-term and long-term contracts — over time.

The Trends graph.

Additionally, you can find a small summary of price movements across every market benchmark for the selected time period beneath the graph:

Changes in short-term contracts.

Future rates are a feature of the Trends graph that lets you view long-term contracts that extend past the current day.

Enabling future rates on the Trends graph.

Once enabled, you will be able to see long-term contract rates for up to 3 months into the future.

Future rates on the Trends graph.
Future Rates are an add-on feature. Contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

Carrier Spread

The Carrier Spread graph allows you to compare carrier prices between regions. For an in-depth look at the Carrier Spread, you can read this article from our Help Center.

The Carrier Spread is an add-on feature. Contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more.
The Carrier Spread graph.

Next Steps

That about covers the basics of Xeneta for Ocean Freight. If you’re interested in learning more about what Xeneta offers, you can take a look at Xeneta for Air Freight.

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