Quick Start

Get an overview of Xeneta’s capabilities in this introductory guide.

1 Search for a Spot Price

The Xeneta dashboard provides an overview of your uploaded rates and how the market compares to them. It’s the first thing you see when you log in to Xeneta.

Search for a tradelane or corridor

Enter your origin and destination ports then select your preferred container type. The search result will display the spot price for that trade lane.

2 View Market Prices

View historical market movements

Clicking on View Graph from the search results will take you to the Benchmarks Graph. This graph plots the historical market movements for the tradelane for up to 4 years back in time.

Benchmark your prices against the market

The Benchmarks graph also allows you to plot your own uploaded prices against the market price. This is a key visual insight into your freight procurement performance.

Compare short-term and long-term contracts

As a companion to the Benchmarks graph, the Trends graph plots short-term and long-term market prices together. This view into the market helps inform your procurement strategy by showing all contract options available.

Export market data to Excel

All graph data can be exported to an Excel report and analyzed further. You can do this by cliking the icon. Graphs can also be exported as a PNG image by cliking the icon.

3 View Your Uploaded Prices

View corridor prices

Review of your uploaded freight rates with the My Prices page. It provides a number of filters to help you explore your rates and find how much your rates differ from market prices.

View prices above or below the market

The My Prices page lets you quickly filter all of your uploaded rates to just the ones above or below the market. This way you can focus specifically on optimizing your procurement efforts for specific tradelanes.

4 View Spend Overview

Analyze potential savings

The Spend Overview uses your uploaded volume data to calculate a theoretical market price for others shipping similar volumes. The Spend Overview provides a savings potential across your corridors and tradelanes, thus giving you clear points of focus for reducing your freight spend.