Xeneta is a software-as-a-service platform designed to help you understand the prices of the air and ocean freight transport markets.

If you’d like to watch an introduction to Xeneta, take a look at our onboarding video.

At its core, Xeneta provides aggregated and anonymized shipping prices for ocean and air freight. These prices can not only help you understand the historical movement of the market, they can also help you understand the market as it is today.

On top of simply providing data, Xeneta’s platform allows users to compare their own freight rates against various market segments. By uploading freight rates into Xeneta, the user gains the ability to use Xeneta’s suite of analytics tools to compare their own prices to the average market rates, as well as the best and worst market performers.

Beyond benchmarking and market comparisons, the Xeneta platform provides you with analytics about:

  • Potential savings that can be achieved if your freight rate spending were to improve
  • Market development for short-term and long-term contracts
  • Trade lane volume for different container types
  • Simplified and standardized air freight tier comparisons

Next Steps

You can learn more about what Xeneta can do by walking through the Xeneta app, starting with the dashboard.

Xeneta Dashboard