Market Trends

The Market Trends is a collection of trade lanes and corridors available for quick review. It features rate price information for today’s date and a selectable date in the past, along with a small graph that shows the general trend for the trade lane for a selected period.

It contains two tabs:

Rate Movements

This view allows you to see how market rates have changed for different periods up to a year back in time.

Short vs. Long

This view allows you to compare how both short-term rates and long-term have changed for a given period.

Both types of visualizations are affected by the market metrics on the page. The views have a number of options to help you choose the period you wish to view, as well as a filter for container types. Additionally, you can select to view the rate movements in USD or as a percentage.

By clicking on the icon, you will be able to view the full graph associated with each followed trade lane for additional details and historical data.

Both the Rate Movement and Short vs. Long tabs have two options for visualizing changes in the market:

Followed Trends

A list of trade lanes or corridors that you have added to your list of followed trade lanes.

Global Trends

A list of the largest trade corridors in the world, as defined by Xeneta.

Following and Unfollowing Trade Lanes


You can follow trade lanes that are relevant to you from the dashboard. Use the search field to find a trade lane that you wish to follow then click the Follow button.


You can unfollow a trade lane by click on the icon and selecting unfollow.

Followed Trade Lanes on the Dashboard

The bottom of your dashboard will display up to 6 of your most recently followed trade lanes.