Xeneta’s Analytics product adds volumes and dollar-value analysis to the base Intelligence product.


All Intelligence features

Analytics contains all features of the Intelligence product and expands on them.

Expanded Dashboard

Analytics adds additional panels to the dashboard to provide summaries of spend, volume, and coverage.

Spend Analysis

Xeneta calculates theoretical market prices for your volumes across your trade lanes. The computed values are then compared to the market to help you understand how much you pay compared to other market participants.

Saving Potentials

The Savings Potential is a measure of how many dollars can be saved if your freight prices matched different sections of the market.

Spend Overview

The Spend Overview unifies your trade lanes, their associated volumes, and the price you pay to ship freight with the price the rest of the market pays for shipping similar volumes. This feature provides a critical dollar-value insight into your procurement performance and can be drilled-down and explored to find potential optimizations.

Next Steps

Explore specific Analytics features to understand how Xeneta can help your freight procurement workflow.

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