Xeneta for Air Freight is an analytics and benchmark platform for understanding the prices of the air freight market.

The Dashboard

For details about Xeneta’s benchmarking of air freight, read this article.

Like the Ocean dashboard, the Air freight dashboard contains a port-to-port search bar and a summary of your price coverage and price benchmarks.

Dashboard — Xeneta for Air Freight

The port-to-port search on the dashboard is used to find spot rates for air freight.

Port-to-port search bar.

Simply enter an origin port, a destination port, select your preferred weight break, and click Search.

Search Results

After running the search, Xeneta will return results in the unit of price per kilogram. The results themselves can take one of two forms:

Contracted Rates

A contracted rate is an aggregated rate that meets Xeneta’s data quality rule of at least 5 sources being available across 2 providers. It is the most accurate rate that Xeneta can provide.

A contracted rate.

Regional Rates

A regional rate is an aggregated rate that did not meet exact port-to-port search specifications because of a lack of rate data between the two ports.

A regional rate.

Regional rates are displayed with additional information that detail how the rate was constructed. This can be viewed by clicking the icon beside the name of the trade lane.

Regional rate explanation for the Shanghai–Bremen trade lane.

Next Steps

Next, let’s take a look at the My Prices page.

My Prices