My Prices

The My Prices page collects your air freight rates and organizes them into a number of categories for convenient analysis.


For an in-depth look at the My Prices page in Xeneta for Air Freight, read our help article.

The My Prices page lists every rate you’ve uploaded into Xeneta. It contains a number of filters — including transit time, weight break, and service type — to help you find the rates relevant to you.

My Prices functionality is only available if you’ve uploaded your freight rates into Xeneta.

Market Comparison — All Rates

The My Prices page calculates how your prices compare to the market and divides your prices into two groups: prices above the market and prices below the market.

Market Comparison — Categories

The My Prices page also calculates how rates are spread over the four different categories of air freight groupings — corridor, origin, destination, and freight forwarder.

Categories can help you identify trade lanes or freight forwarders that stand out in terms of their prices.

For instance, in the image below, air freight rates are shown as they relate to corridors, along with a count of how many of those freight rates fall above or below the market price.

From a brief look at the data, we can determine that the Asia–Europe corridor has many prices below the market, while both the Europe–Asia and the Europe–North America corridors have prices that could be better. With this sort of data available to you, it becomes clear where improvements can be made.

Next Steps

Next, let’s take a look at how Xeneta visualizes your air freight data.

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