Graphs are a tool for visualizing your freight rates in relation to the market and your own freight forwarders.


Xeneta for Air Freight uses the Benchmarks graph to plot both market prices and your freight forwarder prices together. It has a number of filters to help you narrow the scope of the rates you’re viewing, including filters for date range, weight break, and service level.

The Benchmarks graph for air freight.

The Benchmarks graph helps you compare the rates you pay for your freight forwarders against the market at large across specific trade lanes or broader regions. Additionally, it can be used to see market movements over time for different categories of air freight.

The full functionality of the Benchmarks graph is only available if you’ve uploaded your freight rates into Xeneta. You can upload prices by visiting the Upload Prices page.

The graph feature can be reached from the port-to-port search and the My Prices page.

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